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Yesterday we sent an email about a student in Hagskóli potentially being contaminated with the virus that causes COVID-19. This suspicion has now been confirmed.

The student was last present in school March 13th.

In collaboration with health authorities we have decided that two classes (10. SB and 10. SMV) will be quarantined for two weeks, from the point of possible contamination (March 13th – 27th). Four teachers will be quarantined during the same period, three of which have been teaching in the current week.

School will continue as planned in grades 8. and 9. and classes in the 10th grade which were not mentioned above.

It is clear that the task of maintaining daily operations here in Hagaskóli is becoming more and more complex by the day and we count on your continued support and understanding.

We encourage you to limit your child’s interaction with others outside school hours and children are encouraged to maintain a certain distance from others. We ask for your co-operation in upholding these guidelines.

You can find further information on

We would like to express are sincere thanks for your understanding and kind words which we have received in the last few days.